YouTube offers tiered membership levels to boost creators’ revenue

Building off of Super Chat, which allows fans to pay for comments that appear at the top of a livestream, YouTube is adding Super Stickers. Users will be able to purchase animated stickers to share during live streams and premieres. YouTube is also adding more partners to its Merch shelf, so creators can now work with Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth, in addition to Teespring. And the platform is moving its “YouTube Giving” fundraising tool out of beta.

Along with these updates, YouTube introduced Learning Playlists, which will allow YouTube channels to organize collections of videos into chapters. YouTube will also hide recommendations from the watch page to minimize distractions. To start, it’s testing the feature with “trusted partners,” like Khan Academy, TED-Ed and Crash Course.

Like last year, most of YouTube’s announcements today are aimed at helping creators earn revenue. That’s something YouTube has been working on for years. It’s clear the company is still looking beyond ads and hoping creators can profit from memberships, merch and more.

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